Sugar Rush - the problems of a teenage lesbian


“Sugar Rush” (UK, 2005)

Finished Viewing: Thursday, 8th April 2010
Runtime: 20 episodes 24′ each (two seasons)
Director: Harry Bradbeer, Sean Grundy, Philip John
Cast: Olivia Hallinan, Lenora Crichlow, Richard Lumsden, Sara Stewart, Kurtis O’Brien, Sarah-Jane Potts
Production House: Shine
Plot: The story of a teenage lesbian, who is attracted to her (straight) best friend.

Scene from the Series

Rating: +1 (Loved It)

Impressions In Short
It’s fun, very different and in some ways very real. Plus you get a lot of great and very developed female characters.

More About the Film
There were a couple of things I really enjoyed in it. The whole family dynamics were brilliant. I particularly loved the younger brother. He’s not a major character, but when he appears he always makes a grand effect ;) The characters in the series are generally a lot of fun though.
I loved how psychotic and twisted Sugar became in the second series. It was completely absurd and yet she remained very real. I don’t think I’ve seen a female character quite like her before.
Kim, on the other hand, reminded me of Bridget Jones a lot. It’s a very different story mind you - after all Bridget is in her 30s and she’s not lesbian (although she does end up kissing another woman in the sequel ;-P). But I did think some of the humour was very similar. Kim’s voice narrates us through the story much like Bridget does in the films and not only is the humour of the voice-over very similar, but even the intonation and accent matches Bridget. Kim and Bridget have a very similar attitude towards life also - they have major setbacks, but they don’t give up and keep on trying. They are also both prone to jealousy attacks and drinking binges ;) To top it off, Sugar Rush and Bridget Jones even share a song on the soundtrack.
But comparisons aside, as a story Sugar Rush is very original and its one of the strengths of the series. I think I liked the second series better cause the humour gets even more absurd and the sex is hilarious, but both of them are great.

If it sounds like fun to you then yes, definitely :)

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