Tan Lines - the story of Midget Hollows and his sexual awakening

I’m attempting to put the rating system into practice… We’ll see how that goes :) It’s a little difficult when I’m applying it so far back (I’m still about 2 months behind with my reviews *blush*).


Tan Lines (Australia, 2006)

Seen: Thursday, 25th February 2010 (cinema, LGBT retrospective)
Runtime: 96′
Director: Ed Aldridge
Cast: Jack Baxter, Jed Clarke, Daniel O’Leary, Lucy Minter
Plot: Midget Hollows is a teenager living in a small Australian town. One summer a romance starts between him and his best friend’s older brother. Midget’s sexual awakening begins.

Scene From the Film

Rating: +1 (Liked it)

Impressions In Short
Best dialogue ever :)

More About the Film
It’s a very small, independent kind of film and clearly a lot of the people working on it were amateurs (as we were warned by the man making the film’s introduction ;)). But I felt there was something very genuine about it and also it’s downright hilarious if you share my sense of humour ;-P (as usual not everyone in the cinema did ;-P But my mum speculated that it may have been because the subtitles were poor).
The best part of it, however, was the dialogue. Seriously, this is probably my favourite dialogue ever. It hit total levels of absurdity and yet felt quite realistic at the same time. I loved it.

Yes. It’s not a film for everybody - it’s clearly very low budget and all of that. But anyone who is not easily put off by that and has my sense of humour will probably enjoy it.

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