Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - the DVD publicity

I’ve got all kinds of random links and stuff in my drafts and I’ve come to the conclusion that I should finally clear my drafts out, wish me luck ;) Lets hope this is the first post in a series…
This is something I should have posted in about November, which is when the DVD publicity for HBP started. Obviously, it’s no where near on the scale of what they do for the cinema release, but there were some clips I enjoyed nonetheless.

Even more scenes from the movie
While it seems moronic to be releasing even more scenes for publicity purposes (they’ve already released about half the movie this way probably), I actually thought they made a much better choice of scenes this time round. The comedy was amongst the better parts of the movie, so I’d say focusing on it for publicity was the right way to go.
This is one of my favourite scenes of the movie - Ron playing Quidditch. Whenever any of the other actors have done a broomstick scene, the broomstick seems to get in the way of their acting and they convey stuff through facial expressions and dialogue only. Rupert Grint really uses his whole body - I thought he was absolutely fab :)
This one, on the other hand, is probably the one sequence in which I found Daniel Radcliffe funny. It’s the sort of humour that comes a lot more naturally to him I think. The scene works much better in the film, where you can see the contrast between how Harry behaves normally and how cocky and rude he’s become because of the potion. And also, when I watched the film in the cinema, it sounded like Radcliffe slightly modified his voice to sound drunk (which I found hilarious in itself) and this totally doesn’t come through when the scene is out of context *sigh*
Finally, they also released this one. Not one of my favourites, but still much better chosen than some of the scenes they released the first time round IMO ;-P

The DVD Extras
They did this bit with the cast - sending them off to different departments and showing us how the Harry Potter set works. Quite a few clips from this were released for publicity (or at least quite a few have made it to youtube ;-P), so I’m linking to my favourite ones. I loved the hosting by Matt Lewis and Alfie Enoch *grin*
So here’s Radcliffe in the editing department. Some interesting comments from Mark Day there. I am of the opinion that he overcuts it even after he’s done with it ;-P Interesting to hear he’s aware he has that tendency though. The dialogue vs action scenes comment was food for thought. I mean personally I hate this tendency to just go for fast editing without looking for any “nuance” in action scenes, but I know I’m in the minority on that :]
This is Rupert Grint in the stunt department, training for the Quidditch scenes.
And here’s Emma Watson in the make-up department.
Another very good one was James Phelps showing us around in the Assistant Director department.

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