The Woes of an IT student

Monday, 13 October 2008, 22:50 | Category : Crumbs, Life & Stuff
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Yep, it’s time to moan about my degree project yet again ;) Unfortunately we bailed out in the end. It was just too much in too little time and the project was too crappy (that was the biggest problem actually - if you have a badly constructed piece of software every small change seems to generate about 5 new errors that need dealing with).

So we’re going to start over together. We’ve learnt a lot on our mistakes and we know exactly where we screwed up. Hopefully this time we’ll put a lot more effort into planning the architecture of the application and learning the required technologies and so when it comes to writing the code it’ll be a much more pleasant experience :)

Oh and also I just spilt water on my laptop :] It seemed to be working fine before I turned it off, so I assume it didn’t mind that too much. It’s upside down now, drying itself. I guess I’ll find out whether it will tolerate such behaviour from me in the morning…

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