The frustrations of homoerotic vampire movies that don’t get homoerotic enough ;) (The Brotherhood reviewed)

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The Brotherhood (USA, 2001)

Seen: Saturday, 4th July 2009
Runtime: 85′
Director: David DeCoteau
Cast: Sam Page, Josh Hammond, Bradley Stryker, Elizabeth Bruderman
Production House: Rapid Heart Pictures, Regent Entertainment
Plot: The “Doma (House of) Tau Omega” fraternity wants to recruit Chris really badly (he’s so beautiful and innocent after all). What kind of plans do they have for him exactly?

Scene From The Film

Impressions In Short
Very cheesy and corny, but fun anyway *grin*
The strongest impression I had after watching this is how can a film promise so much gay action and then not deliver on it at all lol (even the description on the youtube clip says the same thing!)

More About the Film
The film is rather hilarious. There’s no pretence about it whatsoever - it is what it is and it doesn’t try to hide it. It’s a B movie in the best possible way ;)
The plot is irrelevant and doesn’t really make much sense. The main reason to make the film was clearly to show lots of random shots of young men in their underwear (sadly, no random nudity though ;-P). Considering it has a horror theme (though personally I think it’s hard to watch it as anything other than comedy), it goes surprisingly easy on the gore. It’s definitely the homoerotic aspects rather than the horror that were of interest to the director ;)
That said, it is so frustrating to be teased and teased in this way and then not have the gay action delivered lol There are all these scenes where you think “aha, they’re going to kiss now” and even some where things could have gotten a lot more pervy (like loads of guys in their underwear performing strange vampire rituals), but nothing ever happens!

If you’re in the mood for something corny and homoerotic then this is not a bad movie to watch. But you really have to be in the right (preferably somewhat gigglish) mood ;)
If you don’t have any enjoyment in watching B movies then stay away though. It’ll just seem like the most horrendous movie ever made ;)

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