First clip and more from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

There’s a slew of TV spots of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince coming out. Most of them are very boring (the same footage rehashed over and over) and only a few are moderately interesting IMO.
This one captured my interest because it’s Draco-themed and because of the Carry Out the Deed line. Helena Bonham-Carter delivers that one beautifully. Now the question remains - is that all her dialogue in the film or will there be more? ;)
This one has Snape saying “You ask too much” (I assume that’s from his conversation with Dumbledore - I’m quite looking forward to that scene) and Ginny asking Harry to close his eyes, which is moderately interesting. It’s so chopped up, however, that these lines don’t actually have any video footage, it’s just in the audio :]
Finally, here’s a new featurette. Nothing exciting, but that’s the most we’ve seen of Slughorn and Jim Broadbent is looking good in that part :)
I think most of the TV spots are here, but I don’t really recommend them :] I’m getting a little disconcerted by how soppy the footage from the final death scene is looking :-/ Whether it’s Snape, Draco or Dumbledore - they’re all going in the soppy direction it seems.

But anyway, with the film coming out in two months time, they’ve started releasing actual scenes from the film rather than the same footage chopped up in different ways :] There should be another new scene shown next week during the MTV Awards. But for now, we’ve got the Ron accidentally swallowing a love potion scene *grin*

I love Rupert Grint doing comedy - his comic scenes are difficult to mess up (even Chris Columbus didn’t quite manage the feat in the first two films), so even if I end up hating most of the Half-Blood Prince film, I should have fun watching Rupert ;)

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