Draco Malfoy and Tom Felton - the fixation continues

In case you’re wondering, I still haven’t quite gotten over my Tom Felton fixation (and it’s been going on at least a week or so longer than this blog would suggest btw). So I’m going to celebrate my fixation with some more interviews *grin* (and I hope the fixation goes away soon lol cause interviews with Tom Felton are rather scarce - at least when compared to the amount of publicity some of the other Potter actors have received ;))

So this is a recent and really sweet one. He actually writes and records music on youtube, so he talks a bit about that. There’s also a bit about a small, British independent film he did recently and of course the new Potter film *grin* He’s doing a great job of selling the film to me cause some of what he said got me all the more excited. This bit in particular made me go “yay!”:

In this film coming up, I think the ultimate goal that David Yates [the director] and I sat down and spoke earlier on is that we want to make him to do some of these horrible things and to instigate some terrible notions but at the same time?for the audience to hate him, as they always have done, naturally, but also to feel terrifically sorry for him and to empathize with the situation that he?s in, because, in modern terms, you?ve been given a gun and told to shoot the Prime Minister or the President. He?s been given a task that, really, he?s not up for.

For me that was the great thing about how Draco changed in book 6 - on the one hand he’s a bigger jerk than he ever was and does some truly dark things. But on the other he stops being a caricature of a bully, he gets humanized a bit and we get a better picture of his motives and what’s going on through his head. So I’m very happy they’ve gone for the hate him, but empathize with him route - that’s just awesome *grin*

The other interview
is a magazine scan. It’s just about Harry Potter and I don’t think it’s quite as good as the first one, still nice though :) I had an ‘er, what?’ moment when he was talking about how he plays Draco. He basically plays him as someone who is angry all the time. Which makes total sense (and you can actually see it on the screen), it just never occurred to me lol
But the cherry on the cake is the comment of producer, David Heyman:

Tom?s nuances in the new film are terrific. It feels like a deeper richer character than we?ve seen to date.

Now I’m really excited! lol

The other good news is that judging by what’s up on youtube and generally on-line, it looks like Tom Felton is going to feature more significantly in the publicity this year, so that’s nice :) In the fourth and fifth film he hardly got any screen time and took almost no part at all in the publicity. So it’s nice knowing I can look forward to more this time round ;)

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