Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince photos

I’m still deep in my Harry Potter relapse at the moment and getting ridiculously excited about the upcoming film (the only problem is that there are still about 5 months to go ;-P). I usually dislike the editing of the official trailers and this year is no exception ;-P But I’ve found a pretty cool fan-made slideshow, which shows off some of the promotional stills and photos that have been released.
I particularly love the beginning. There’s some really nice, angsty stills there. I’m getting quite excited about the cinematography actually - it looks gorgeous (both on the stills and on the trailers). They’ve been changing the cinematographers every year and this year they’ve got a very interesting one in - it’s the guy, who did the cinematography for Amelie. He’s not only an excellent cinematographer (which all of them have been really), but very original, so we might be in for quite some treat :)

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