A very awkward moment at a movie award ceremony…

There’s this very weird (and pretty bad) Indian art house film with Shahrukh from 1995, which is called Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India (literal translation: “Oh Darling! This is India”). The reason it’s called that is that throughout the film anything strange that happens is followed by that line. When I watched the clip below, I felt that was the best reaction to it ;)
It’s a clip from the Star Screen Awards in which Ashutosh Gowariker is receiving his award for Jodha Akbar. It starts quite innocently, but he eventually ends up telling off the hosts of the show for… making jokes about the film industry. I don’t really know what was going on before he won his award, I do know that yes, Indian award ceremonies tend to go quite far when they’re taking the piss out of people (I’ve never seen Hollywood go as far as what I’ve seen at Indian award ceremonies sometimes). The funny thing is that many Indian filmmakers also seem to be extremely easy to offend. So I guess this is just one of many examples of how India contradicts itself - Yeh Hai India! ;)

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