FILM SPOTTING: January 2009 in Polish cinemas

I’m doing really badly with the film spotting posts :] (loads to write, but nothing written ;-P)
So I figured that maybe I should try doing some regular “which cinema releases sound interesting this month” kind of updates :) Hopefully there’ll be more film spotting coming from me this way. Treat these posts as invitations to go out with me if any of the films strike your fancy*grin*

There’s only one film releasing in January that I’m a bit excited about and it doesn’t come out until the very end of the month (and Thank God for that - I don’t have time for cinema this month :] I’m anticipating loads of school work *sigh*).


Revolutionary Road (USA/UK, 2008)

Polish Distributor: United International Pictures Sp z o.o. (30th January 2008)
Runtime: 119′
Director: Sam Mendes
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates
Production House: BBC Films, Dreamworks Pictures, Goldcrest Pictures, Neal Street Productions
Plot: (from imdb)

A young couple living in a Connecticut suburb during the mid-1950s struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to raise their two children. Based on a novel by Richard Yates.


Why it might be worth seeing
Mainly, I have a hunch that this is going to have some amazing performances. The trailer looks it. Sam Mendes - although I’m not that fond of him - is a director who puts a lot of emphasis on the acting with his theatre background and all. Even though I’m not exactly a big fan of Titanic, I do think the on-screen chemistry between Kate & Leo is strong. And the story is such that the actors should have something good to work with. And anyway, the imdb comments seem to suggest the acting is strong too, so… :)
Other than that I guess I’m quite excited about seeing DiCaprio cause I haven’t seen him for ages. Last time was probably Gangs of New York and I used to be a very faithful DiCaprio fan in the 90s (I was one even before Titanic and Romeo & Juliet I might add ;-P).
I also think that maybe I should give Sam Mendes a second try - I only ever saw American Beauty.

ETA: I think my hunch must be right ;) It really does sound like there’s a lot of great performances in there - see this review.

Edited a second time: There *is* a second film with a January release that I want to see after all ;) See here.

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