Actors who did porn before they became famous

I always thought the existence of such porn is some sort of urban myth or something, but apparently not ;)
After I wrote my Rambo review the other day, I checked Stallone up on the Celebrity Nudity Database. It’s a website I have always found quite hilarious, but I find it has a slightly more practical purpose also - every once in a while it aids me in the discovery of some very strange films (after all, nudity often features in rather bizarre movies :]).
My findings this time round showed that Stallone has done way more nudity than I expected ;) The title that caught my eye though was something from 1970 called the Italian Stallion - it was the only full frontal that was on the list, plus even the title sounded kind of ridiculous. So I checked it up elsewhere and it’s true - one of Sylvester Stallone’s first parts was in a soft porn movie lol The trailer for it is absolutely hilarious - not only because you get to see Stallone without all his bulk and in 70s style clothes and make up, but because a G (general audience) rated trailer for a soft porn film is hilarious in itself. So check it out (it’s work safe - no nudity, sex or anything :) ):

I find it hilarious also that he actually owned up to it ;) Even if he wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. Of course we are talking 70s soft porn and judging by reviews on-line it doesn’t sound like he performed any unsimulated sex on screen - just in case you’re wondering.

While reading all the discussions on the existence of this strange film I came across yet another actor I wouldn’t have expected to come across in a soft porn film - Jackie Chan lol Unlike Stallone, Chan seems to own up to it quite willingly (though I kind of get the impression that Chinese 70s soft porn might be even more modest than American 70s soft porn ;) ).

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