Hulchul (India, 2004)

Seen: Friday night (7th November 2008)
Runtime: 167′
Release Date: November 2004 in India & probably around a year ago in Poland on DVD - I’m not sure
Polish Distributor: Epelpol
Director: Priyadarshan
Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna, Amrish Puri, Jackie Shroff
Production House: Venus Records & Tapes
Plot: Two people who hate each other (and whose families hate each other) pretend to be in love and then of course they really do fall in love.


Impressions In Short
It’s just a regular Bollywood romance. Ok, but nothing special.

Some Details
I think that if you pushed me to name my no. 2 male Bollywood star (Shahrukh is no.1 of course ;-P) I’d say Akshaye Khanna. The trouble is that finding watchable films with Akshaye Khanna is a challenge, which is why I watch much more of Abhishek, Saif, Amitabh, Aamir and so on ;)
So it was kind of nice to see Akshaye in what I consider a relatively watchable film ;) Not to say I particularly want to watch it again or anything ;-P But at least I wasn’t bored or annoyed while watching it the first time.
I think I’m also really warming up to Jackie Shroff. I only see him in supporting roles and I remember not liking him that much initially (maybe it was the moustache ;-P). I’m even thinking that perhaps I’ll gather up the guts to watch King Uncle - it’s one of the Shahrukh films that I’ve been putting off because not only is it an early 90s film with horrible reviews, but there’s very little Shahrukh in it apparently. But since Jackie Shroff has the lead maybe I will try to get the film after all ;) (not to mention that I think Shahrukh and Jackie have a great rapport with each other on screen - I sometimes think they should have cast Jackie Shroff instead of Saif in Kal Ho Naa Ho ;-P )

Nope, not really. Unless you really feel like Bollywood and that’s what’s accessible or you’re exploring somebody’s filmography (like I sort of was with Akshaye’s), I don’t think this is worth your time.

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