How to find your passion…

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Just passing on a link :) I really liked that blog post. It’s about breaking out of a certain mindset and the eternal “WTF do I want to do with my life?!” question.

Little Fetishes (or why I’ve always been confused about why other girls enjoy looking at photos of celebrities)

This blog post got me thinking way more than I would have ever thought possible - what was originally meant to be just a reply in the comments section there is now turning into a horrendously long blog post ;)
I don’t know if Andreja is reading this… but I’m sure she remembers when she brought [...]

Comments are now moderated…

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I’m having a lot of problems with spambots on this blog right now, so please don’t be surprised if your comments don’t appear straight away. This does not mean I don’t want comments - I love comments, so please keep them coming *grin* I’m just annoyed with the spam grrrr…

A naughty video about Severus Snape

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I thought this was hilarious, I don’t normally like fan videos, but this one was edited really well. Poor Severus lol

P.S. Can you tell I’m avoiding studying for my exams? ;)

Why chocolate mousse is a better option than a chocolate bar

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I thought this was rather interesting - some good tips for dieters.

Gay activism in Hollywood vs. gay activism on Broadway

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Here’s an article about how the theatre crowd in the US is much more supportive of gay rights than the film people.

The story of my life ;)

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This video is a bit of a running joke in my BA project group - all three of us have this problem. Does anybody else find the events portrayed in this video familiar? ;)

The Afghan national cricket team

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Taekwondo has really kicked off in Afghanistan (they got their first Olympic medal in Beijing in 2008). But there’s another sport that is developing rapidly in Afghanistan and it’s cricket. Here’s the story of a British-Afghan match held in Kabul, it’s really sweet :)

Greenpeace’s guide to Electronic Products

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I think this is kind of handy. I mean, I definitely need to change my mobile (it is falling to pieces to put it mildly :]) and I don’t have particularly specific requirements, so it sounds like how green the model is, is a very good way to choose one…

Even third-hand smoke is unhealthy

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According to current research, it’s not only the smoke from other people’s cigarettes that is unhealthy, but also smoke that lingers on your clothes, hair, curtains in your room etc.