Montreal (Street Food)

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Improved relations between Syria and Lebanon cause problems for villagers near the border

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Warsaw Cup 2008-09: Video Clips for Download

Warsaw Cup is an international junior & novice event and it took place 2 weeks ago. Full results are here. I was only able to attend the event for a few hours, so the majority of the camerawork is by friends :) (Monika Sz. & Kokos) The ancient camera and clip-making skills are mine though [...]

Riz Khan interviews Shahrukh Khan

It was a strange feeling, checking out my Al Jazeera rss feed the other day and finding a Shahrukh Khan interview in it ;) It seems that about a day before the blasts, he was being interviewed by Riz Khan. Riz Khan has a live talk show on Al Jazeera - a pretty high brow, [...]

Mumbai (Street Food)

Al Jazeera has this series where they discover world cities through their street food. I have to look into more of these clips (cause I think it’s a really good idea), but for the moment it somehow feels right to post the report on Mumbai.
The report was shot in September (soon after the blasts in [...]

Mumbai blasts

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It would feel weird not to write something about what’s happening in Mumbai right now - despite never having been there it’s an important city to me, which is pretty evident on this blog.
But you know what? I don’t feel like linking to any of the news reports I’ve seen so far. The reporting on [...]

SRK and his offensive humour

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There are a number of reasons why I enjoy Shahrukh Khan interviews, but I think I’m most entertained when he’s borderline offensive - as in “OMG, I can’t believe he just said that and he’s going to get away with it!” *grin*
To be honest I haven’t come across many interviews of “that sort” recently. Nowadays [...]

Modifying Google Search Results

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Google has come out with a new feature called Searchwiki. The idea is that you can personalize the search results you get for particular keywords. I haven’t tried it yet and I’m not sure I repeat the same searches often enough to warrant this, but it’s an interesting idea all the same.

Rape in Afghanistan - the fight for justice

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More Dostana promotion

I’ve been following Dostana for a while now. It’s done quite well for itself at the Indian box office, so I hope that means we’ll be seeing it in Poland eventually :)
Anyway, this is a longish interview with the main cast of Dostana - Karan Johar (the producer) is asking the questions. And basically the [...]