The Taleban react to Obama’s victory

Obama’s victory has brought a lot of reactions from all over the world, but so far there’s only been one that’s grabbed my attention. I somehow didn’t expect the Taleban were organized enough to have a spokesman or that they would feel the need to give any official comment on the matter, but apparently they [...]

American policy in Afghanistan

Paris Hilton for President

By popular demand ;)

Strangely enough as much as I never particularly liked her, I have to agree with Andreja - she actually makes sense on this video ;) Not only that - some of the lyrics are kind of clever…

Corruption in the US election system

US media afraid to talk about racism?

I can’t get my head round this whole racist thing with Barack Obama. I mean I knew it would be an issue, but I never thought it would be quite this deep. Check out the Al Jazeera clip below, it’s much worse than the BBC article I posted earlier and I couldn’t quite get my [...]

How will Tehrangeles vote?

Tehrangeles is a word used to describe the Iranian diaspora in Los Angeles. Traditionally they have been Republican supporters. Many voted for George Bush in the previous elections.

How much racism is there in the USA?

That is the question everyone is asking right before the coming elections. I guess I’m naive cause I never anticipated quite this much could depend on racial issues. Some of what people said in this article really shocked me:
Charles is a registered Democrat in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
“If it wasn’t for Obama I would vote Democrat. Blacks [...]

The US presidential campaign

(there’s also a little more on the veteran issue at the end of the clip)